Holistic Body Treatments

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Holistic Body Treatments

Aromatic Body Massage £50.00


Aromatic Body, Face & Scalp Massage £66.00

Both of the above use a specially selected Decléor Aroma Balm. Decléor devotes its own special art of massage to your body. From the tips of your toes to the tension points of your scalp, your therapist's trained fingers ease, soothe and relax every part of your body.


Aromatic Body Envelopment £57.00

A delicious cocooning sensation as your body is gently exfoliated, massaged and then enveloped in a luxurious heated blanket. 


Aromatic Back Massage £27.00

Dissolves stress with deep massage and an aromatic mask on the back.


Sumptuous Mother To Be £65.00

Designed to meet your needs at each stage of pregnancy. These specialised treatments focus on preventing the appearance of stretch marks, preserving the elasticity of the skin and reducing water retension, restoring comfort to aching legs and rebalancing pigmentation and complexion problems. Includes full body massage, tummy mask and mini facial.


Lava Shell Full Body Massage £55.00

Lava Shell Massage is a relaxing massage that uses heat, like hot stone massage and La Stone Therapy. During a Lava Shell Massage, the therapist uses real shells from the Philippines to gently massage your body.  


Lava Shell Back Massage £28.00


 Red Island Ritual £60.00

Red Island exfoliating ritual
This 60 minute massage and exfoliation combined exotic body treatment is inspired by the magical island of Madagascar and uses delicious Fruit Seeds of Orange and Apricot plus Essential Oils and Spices to polish and perfect skin, leaving it in supreme condition. Follow a delightful massage with warm aromatherapy oils to relax any areas of tension and stress, re-energising and restoring vitality for skin.


Madagascar Escape Massage £60.00

This exotic full body massage deeply de-stresses and invigorates thanks to a unique combination of techniques gathered from all corners of the globe for their profound relaxation benefits. Stimulating circulation, boosting the lymphatic drainage system and awakening senses, this massage can be tailored to your exact needs for complete wellbeing and even better quality sleep!



Detoxifying Body Wrap £55.00

Universal Contour Wrap - Guaranteed inch loss were badges soaked in sea clay are used to wrap from head to toe  and release toxins held with in the pores. The wrap is left on for one hour and measurements are taking before and after the wrap, giving a visible inch loss


Course of Three Wraps £145.00