Nestled in the heart of bustling Northumberland Street is hidden gem Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic, a place that has stood strong for twenty three years and has weathered the storm of recession. Part of the genetic make up of the city, to this day, the clinic is still treating the original clients who walked through the doors twenty three years ago.


The reason I’m here today? The Decleor Aromaplastie Facial treatment with Vital Eyes. Aromaplastie is Decleor’s staple facial, it’s basic but powerful and gives immediate results. With several steps to the process, including a deep cleanse, this facial includes Decleor’s unique wheatgerm, sunflower and linseed mask which stimulates and enhances the rejuvenating action of the treatment. Decleor claim that skin is deeply hydrated after this treatment and visible radiance is restored.


When I arrive at the clinic I’m greeted by Alex and asked to complete a Client Card which aims to inform the Therapist of your personal areas of concerns and any other issues you might have. We make our way through to a large treatment room and Alex talks me through how the treatment works, surprisingly it starts with a relaxing back massage. I’m left to undress and assume the position and just as Alex re-enters the room I realise I’m supposed to be lying under the blanket, not on top of it and we’re both in hysterics.


Once I’m sorted out we get down to the treatment. Alex explains that the back massage is a Decleor signature and it’s used as a diagnostic measure to allow the Therapist to identify areas emitting heat which then correspond to facial areas which may be prone to skin concerns. Interesting stuff right? The massage is fantastic and the scent of the oils divine, one of the really great things about Decleor is that it’s all natural and with the scent of neroli drifting through the room I imagine myself soaking up the sun on the Amalfi Coast. Alex pops my feet into some treatment socks and leaves them to work their magic.


The facial treatment starts with a double cleanse and tone to ensure a clean base, before moving on to Aromapressure and Aromadrainage, a sequence exclusive to Decleor trained Therapists, this involves the application of combined aromatic oils with gentle pressure to kickstart the skin’s turnover and rejuvenate the face. Next comes the interesting bit: Alex tells me that the mask she’s about to apply is made up of wheatgerm, sunflower and linseed and that although it smells more like food than a traditional beauty product, this is because it’s all natural with no added fragrance or chemicals. She assures me that the mask is amazing and to just relax and let it do its thing. Unusually, this product covers both your eyes and mouth unlike a traditional mask and it’s warm when applied. Alex covers my face with a thin layer of gauze which she tells me will prevent the poultice from entering my eyes or mouth and starts to apply it generously constantly checking whether I’m comfortable and whether the temperature is ok. As she spreads the Weetabix like mask over my eye area there’s a distinct warming sensation and my eyes feel instantly relaxed. Once I’m completely covered, she tells me she’s going to massage my feet. I try to imagine what I must look like lying there with a face covered in Weetabix and let out a little giggle.





Alex advises that whilst a one-off treatment is great as a relaxing treat or to rejuvenate skin for an event, the real difference comes if you maintain the process and work with your Therapist to agree a short course of these treatments.


Once the mask has cooled, Alex peels back the gauze and applies the Vital Eyes treatment. This treatment claims to be one of the best on the market for tired, puffy eyes and Decleor say:


“Delicately nurturing the most sensitive and delicate part of the face, this specialised treatment is fatigue-fighting, moisture quenching and wrinkle erasing. Decleor’s unique toning eye technique stimulates micro-circulation and encourages cell renewal while an intensively repairing, anti-ageing eye mask also decongests and de-puffs. Leaves even contact lens wearers, hay fever sufferers and smokers with a dramatically brighter, younger looking eye zone.”


Given that I get very little sleep, (seriously, those who know me well will know that I’m lucky if sleep around three hours per night), I was very keen to see whether this lived up to the hype. It’s certainly a very soothing treatment, eyes are instantly cooled and the area underneath feels drained and almost flatter and that’s before I’ve seen anything visible. Alex covers me in a hydrating moisturiser which smells divine and brings me a glass of water, she tells me to sit up slowly and hands me a mirror….




                                                                   Before                                                                        After


My skin looks lighter, brighter and more hydrated than when I arrived. Alex tells me that I have great skin to start with so the difference for me is less than for someone who may have real skin issues, or who has been poorly recently. There’s a definite visible difference, especially to my eyes. I’m so used to waking up with my eyes looking the same everyday that it’s actually a bit of a shock to see them look like this without make up, they’re definitely less puffy but the real difference is in the colour of the skin underneath. Smooth and fair, the improvement is huge. If you have an event or wedding coming up or you just want to recover after a long day then this is absolutely a treatment to put at the top of your list. Whether or not it’s the placebo effect because of what I’ve just seen in the mirror, I leave the clinic with a Spring in my step and feel far more than I usually would on a rainy Tuesday morning.




                                                                       Before                                                                          After


With the inclusion of the back massage and the foot treatment, this almost feels like a full body treatment and it’s super relaxing. Taking around an hour and a half in total, it’s time well spent and is such a great way to unwind.


As for the facial, my skin is glowing. At the end of the day when Sparky comes home, he tells me “You look nice” and that compounds the evidence of a visible enough difference for me.


Pixie x


Decleor Aromaplastie Facial treatment costs £48

Vital Eyes is available as a standalone treatment for £33 or as part of a facial treatment for £23

The addition of the foot treatment to accompany any other treatment is £7.50

To book an appointment at Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic call: 0191 232 2800