Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic launch their Spring Pamper Package next week and I got to road test it in advance to find out if it’s worth the hype. In a nutshell, three items from one menu to be taken together in a 60 minute appointment for £60. Its sounding good so far….


As you know, Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic are a long time collaborator of mine and I’m trusted enough to give an honest an unbiased opinion on their services which is great news for you Voyeurs. With their Spring Pamper Package, they’ve looked at what treatments are popular throughout the Spring season as people start to look towards booking vacations, and have come up with the ultimate treatment menu. I visited the city centre salon for an hour of pampering and the only issue I had was choosing just three treatments.


After changing my mind eleven times, I opted for Shellac toes (black, obvs), Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion and the Relaxing Back Massage. The great thing about this Package is that it’s condensed into a single one hour appointment, there’s no moving between rooms as you pre-select treatments when booking and the room is set up in advance to maximise your 60 minutes. Mint.


When I arrive I’m whisked upstairs to a treatment room lit by soft candlelight, slipping into the heated bed is like sliding into a warm bath and a real thoughtful touch. My therapist, Sam, asks me whether I’m happy with the temperature of the room before beginning the massage and asks if I’m warm enough throughout. Sidebar: You know that I’m a sucker for a massage but also a stickler for attention to detail so I’d been looking forward to this and I’m pleased to say that I wasn’t disappointed. Sam asks me what type of pressure I prefer (firm) and tells me that my thoracic area is very tight along with my traps, delts and neck which will require extra attention – all fitting with my Fibromyalgia and neck and shoulder issue. She works deep into the accessory neck muscles telling me that regular deep tissue massage will be of real benefit to me, a fact backed up by my concrete shoulders. Before we wrap up she tells me she’s going to apply Decleor Circulagel to the most tense areas to maximise the benefits of the massage for the rest of the day.


With 20 minutes dedicated to each mini-treatment, Sam keeps a close watch on time and once 20 minutes are up there’s no messing around, it’s straight over on to my back and into Microdermabrasion. My skin is double cleansed and Sam gets to work on my face with the Microdermabrasion handpiece. If you’ve never had it before, Microdermabrasion is like a jettison of tiny, fine crystals fired on to the surface of the skin and then sucked back up again, sloughing away any loose, dead skin and revealing fresh new skin underneath. It’s not invasive and requires no downtime but you may find yourself a little pink afterwards. Personally it’s a favourite of mine, it gives my skin a glow like nothing else and almost “resets” my skin, tricking it into behaving like it’s a blank slate. Effects are long lasting and visible immediately and given that Microdermabrasion as a stand alone treatment is £42, the package offer really is a no brainer.



Once finished, Sam sweeps over my skin with Decleor Aroma Essence in Neroli, a blend she says is perfect for my skin type. Whilst she’s doing this I can feel the Circulagel working on my back and shoulders, it’s a menthol and eucalyptus blend which she tells me will cool and refresh the area – originally meant for tired legs – she tells me the cooling effect should help and I can vouch, it really does and is a lovely added bonus.

With my face in check, the bed is propped up and Sam begins prepping my toes for Shellac. She already has my choice of colour – pre-selected before we came into the treatment room – so there’s no dead time between treatments. She gets to work pushing back my gross, overgrown cuticles (poor girl) and in no time at all I’m sporting super glossy toenails as black as my heart, which probably look the tidiest and most presentable they’ve ever looked. Cute right?



Thinking about trying out the Spring Pamper Package yourself? Remember, all treatments are to be taken in one 60 minute appointment on the same day, they’re non transferable so you can’t split it with a friend. This is about maximising you time and getting the most out of your treatments in one convenient appointment so you’re not giving up masses of time. One of my biggest bugbears is waiting around for appointments and this aims to address that so it gets top marks from me for convenience. Its city centre location means that you can fit this in around a shopping trip too which is ideal and one thing I really loved was the order of the treatments; when I asked Sam why the massage was first and not last, she told me that it would give enough time for this dastardly face imprints to wear off before I was let loose on the North East public. Genius.


Tempted? Contact Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic on 0191 232 2800, the package is available to buy from Wednesday March 1st for a limited time only.


Pixie xo