The Definitive Guide to HD Brows Heaven now known as Precision Brows

The Definitive Guide to HD Brows Heaven now known as Precision Brows

Ever wondered how most celebrities end up with perfectly formed eyebrows? Well, the secret lies in precision brows. Perfect brows are becoming the crucial canvas for every woman’s grooming ritual, and nothing achieves this better than HD brows in Newcastle.

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Spring Special

Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic launch their Spring Pamper Package next week and I got to road test it in advance to find out if it’s worth the hype. In a nutshell, three items from one menu to be taken together in a 60 minute appointment for £60. Its sounding good so far….

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A Career as a Nail Technician What You Need to Know

Until quite recently, hair stylists and beauty therapists tended to operate quite separately from one another, each having their own salon or treatment rooms. However, things are evolving in the hair and beauty industry, and at present, it is common for both hair and beauty treatments to coincide next to one another. This is a match made in beauty heaven.

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At Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic we like to think we’re at the forefront of the industry when it comes to pioneering new treatments, that’s why we were the first beauty clinic in the North East to offer the award winning HydraFacial.


Designed primarily to restore health to your skin, the HydraFacial is a specialist six step, non-invasive facial treatment which requires no downtime. This is a treatment you can have on your lunch break and you’re guaranteed to see a difference the very same day and if you can believe it, your skin will look even better the next day.
Who is HydraFacial suitable for? The short answer is everyone. This is a facial treatment that people of any age, skin type or skin condition can enjoy (except those allergic to shellfish), it’s designed with skin health in mind and for that reason, there are very few contra-indications.

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Decleor Aroma Blend Transformation Ritual

When I was invited by Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic to road test the brand new Aroma Blend body treatment from Decleor, I said yes without hesitation, and also without really knowing what it was…


Decleor are well renowned for their ‘plant power’; their awesome oils and botanicals feed the mind as well as the skin and the scents from their home use products are divine, it didn’t take a lot to know I’d be in for a treat. It turns out that the Aroma Blend treatment is a brand new and bespoke treatment which will be added to the Decleor Signature Collection. Sound a little hazy? Let me explain….

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Stag 'Party Ready'

Here at Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic we pride ourselves on our customer service and our ability to provide the latest treatments in a safe, clean and friendly environment. Our FaceBook reviews speak volumes and that's something we take very seriously.


What you might not know however is that here in the clinic, we also like to have a bit of fun - professional fun of course - and some of our best days, are the ones where a big Batchelor Party rolls into town.

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A Special Treat you will Never Forget

From Monday the 23rd of November, right through to Saturday the 28th, we are pleased to announce our Christmas Party Package. With December fully booked for most venues, lots of people and companies choose to have their Christmas parties early. Having a Christmas party in November is no bad thing, and you have the added bonus of avoiding the extortionate price hikes at the bar (not to mention the cab home!). 

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Come & See Our Beautiful New Makeover

We think our salon now looks just as beautiful as our customers (as if that were possible), and we think that you will love it too! From fantastic new flooring on our ground floor, to our brand new stair tiles - everything has been given a brand new look, and that includes the new decorations around the entrance area.


Speaking of decorations, you just have to come and see our Christmas decorations (no, it isn’t early - it’s fabulous… Come and see).


It isn’t just the visuals that have been revamped, we also have have some brand new manicure desks which will help you to get even more comfortable and relaxed while we put the cute back into your cuticles. After all, if you are going to treat yourself, then it may as well happen while you are nice and comfortable.

The celebrity secret to glowing skin

Have you ever looked at a celebrity on the runway at a big event and wondered just how they get their skin looking so glowing and radiant?

The truth is that celebrities will have a whole host of helping hands to make sure that they are looking their very best when the camera is on them. Often they have a team of dedicated make-up artists standing by armed with brushes and along with this they will have a variety of different beauty treatments in the days that lead up to their appearance.

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