Stag 'Party Ready'

Here at Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic we pride ourselves on our customer service and our ability to provide the latest treatments in a safe, clean and friendly environment. Our FaceBook reviews speak volumes and that's something we take very seriously.


What you might not know however is that here in the clinic, we also like to have a bit of fun - professional fun of course - and some of our best days, are the ones where a big Batchelor Party rolls into town.


Us Geordies are known for our fun loving, carefree attitude (and our lack of coats) and so when a Stag and his pals pile into town, we're often their first choice when it comes to getting their Stag 'Party Ready'.  Just like we offer Bridal packages, or Prom Packages for you girls, we also don't want the guys to feel like they're missing out....


Some places will shy away from having a big group of lads in their salon but we're perfectly positioned to offer our huge training room on the top floor, for the entire party to relish in the Stag receiving his 'treatment' and you boys are ruthless!  We've had guys call us up and book in as a group to have their Stag spray tanned by our expert tanners and then waxed afterwards to rip off the tan in stripes, along with their chosen 'manscaping' - brutal...... But we love it!


Over the years, we've built up quite a collection of images of Stag Parties that have passed through our Clinic doors and they beg us to post up pictures online in a bid to evidence their humiliation of the Stag (don't worry folks, it's all in good humour) but we've never done it, until now.  So feast your eyes on these beauties, and yes, they actually arrived like that.....


So guys, lads, dudes, all of you men folk out there, if you're visiting Newcastle, (and why wouldn't you? ) for your mates Stag Party and you think he might need a little pre-party preening, we offer tanning, waxing, manicure and makeup services and we pride ourselves on making your Stags look as beautiful as you feel they should.  We can offer you a private relaxed environment, with enough room for you to arrive with your entourage and all partake in the glory, as we beautify, super deep tan, and tear hair out of your stag.  In fact, we'll even let you take pictures because if there isn't photographic evidence, it didn't happen right?


Our friendly, professional staff are skilled in all aspects of beauty, but lets face it guys, when a Stag Party rolls through the door, these are some of our favourite clients.


We also regularly have the cast and crew of Geordie Shore in the clinic and it's definitely not just the girls getting in on the action, we regularly tan, tone and preen Gaz,Aaron and Scotty T to get them show ready and damn they look good for it, we're looking at you Scotty T, who has just been unveiled as the new face of Boohoo Menswear.


So guys, don't be shy, give us a call, tell us what you need and we'll get something set up in advance for you.  Or of course you're always welcome to just drop in to the Clinic, we're on Northumberland Street above Superdrug, but we're sure we'll hear you before we see you.


The Team at Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic