Tanning Tips for the Tan Shy

In true British optimism, as the sun comes out we immediately begin to think of summer.

Whilst it’s still only March, the sun managed to ward off the clouds of rain for a few hours last week; so naturally we’ve been daydreaming of warmer days ever since. But we’ve not just been fantasising about longer days and BBQs. No, we’ve been dreaming of our gorgeous summer glow, the illusive tan! Yet with the weather heading back to gloomy grey, we have months before a natural tan is possible, leaving us with only one option- the trusty spray tan

Now, the ladies of Newcastle have got a bit of a reputation for being on friendly terms with the tanning bottle, but here at Newcastle Hair & Beauty we know that’s a bit of a cliché! Whilst we have many clients who come in time and time again for our St Tropez spray, a couple of you have admitted you’re a little bit hesitant! We don’t blame you, most of us have heard of or seen a tanning disaster! Orange palms, streaky legs, ruined White Company sheets, the opportunity for mishaps are endless. So we’ve put together a hand guide for those of you who are a bit nervous about taking the St Tropez plunge!

1- Book in for a spray tan

Let us take over the main job of applying it! Rather than leaving yourself responsible for covering every inch of your body (even the bits you can’t reach) with a suspicious looking glove- let us apply a gorgeous tan in a fine mist. Leaving it to the professionals cuts a lot of the risk- trust us!

2- If In Doubt, Start Light

Dare we say it, the key to fake-tanning is less is more. The key is getting a shade of tan which compliments your natural skin tone. So if you’re naturally pale, don’t jump in at the deep-end, build up the colour intensity each time you come to visit us.

3- Prepare, prepare, prepare

The key to a spray tan looking natural and lasting for a good length of time after a visit to Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic is all in the preparation you do at home. Don’t worry- it’s nothing tricky, just a couple of things to add into your shower or bath routine. Invest in a good quality body scrub and a pair of scrub gloves, and buff away all of the dead skin before your tan. This way there’ll be no dry skin for the tan to cling to and look streaky!

4- Moisturise Everywhere

The last thing to remember? Both before and after! Moisturised skin will hold tan more effectively and more evenly. The longer your skin is soft and supple, the longer you’ll be bronzed and beautiful!