The celebrity secret to glowing skin

Have you ever looked at a celebrity on the runway at a big event and wondered just how they get their skin looking so glowing and radiant?

The truth is that celebrities will have a whole host of helping hands to make sure that they are looking their very best when the camera is on them. Often they have a team of dedicated make-up artists standing by armed with brushes and along with this they will have a variety of different beauty treatments in the days that lead up to their appearance.


One of the most popular treatments has to be the highly acclaimed Hydra Facial MD; a firm favourite for celebrities before their red carpet events. 


What is it?


The first question that is likely to come to mind is just what is a Hydra Facial MD?


Essentially it is a non-invasive treatment that is known to be quick, easy and works great too. It is suitable for a variety of different skin types and with a treatment time of as little as 30 minutes you can see immediate improvements to your skin.


The science


It works with a unique multi-step serum delivery system (Vortex-Fusion if you are interested) which cleanses, exfoliates and replenishes your skin; boosting some of the vital nutrients that helps keep you looking and feeling at your best.


What does it do for your skin?


One of the best things about Hydra Facial MD is that it can be targeted to any specific problem areas that you feel your skin has. In doing this it is able to help with a range of skin complaints, concerns or issues.


These include:

• Firmness and elasticity
• Signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles
• Skin tone and texture
• Oily Skin
• Hyperpigmentation
• Enlarged pores


These simple benefits make Hydra Facial one of the best all round treatments for your skin; it can help with some of the biggest concerns that people around the world have about their appearance and in a short time it can give you the confidence that you may be lacking.

So if you have a big event or perhaps just want to give yourself an extra special treat then why don’t you get in touch with one of the most trusted hair and beauty salons in Newcastle, the Newcastle Hair and Beauty Clinic and book in for one of our fantastic Hydra Facial MD?

We can promise you that you will feel just like a star!