The Definitive Guide to HD Brows Heaven now known as Precision Brows

The Definitive Guide to HD Brows Heaven now known as Precision Brows

Ever wondered how most celebrities end up with perfectly formed eyebrows? Well, the secret lies in precision brows. Perfect brows are becoming the crucial canvas for every woman’s grooming ritual, and nothing achieves this better than HD brows in Newcastle.

When beautifully done, eyebrows do not only frame your face; they enhance your entire appearance as well.


We use various approaches in this treatment to ensure your brows are perfectly shaped. Here are the five crucial steps to follow to end up with heavenly Precision brows:


STEP 1: Consultation - Your appointment starts with a personal consultation between you and the therapist to discuss what exactly you would like to achieve. The discussion may include which brow shape would be a perfect fit for your face, the best colour for your brows, and more.


STEP 2: Tinting - Tinting involves the addition of colour intensity to make your eyebrow more defined. Indeed, this step consists of the use of a micro-brush to apply a tint to your eyebrow. After a few minutes, we use dry cotton wool to get rid of any excess colour from your eyebrows.


STEP 3: Waxing - Waxing is carried out to achieve a perfect brow shape. In this case, a therapist waxes below and above your eyebrows. Precision Brows in Newcastle by Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic also have the best brow waxing in and around the city.


STEP 4: Trimming - The process is a bit more like a haircut for your brows. Our experts will comb through your brows and trim them to ensure they lie magnificently within your brow line. To ensure there is no single hair out of its desired place, we use precision tweezing.


STEP 5: Tailoring the shape - Finally, the therapist will soothe your skin, and apply the eyebrow powder or pencil in a bid to fill in those areas that might need it. Indeed, this leaves your eyebrows stunning because of the finished Precision brow.


Before And After The Precision Brows Treatment


The success of your Precision Brows also depends on what you do before and after the treatment. For excellent results, you should do the following:


•      Grow those brows for a couple of weeks to give us as much to work with. When your eyebrows are fully grown, waxing, tweezing and trimming becomes easier, thus making it easy to achieve perfectly shaped precision brows.

•      A few days before or after the HD brow treatment, don’t go for any heat treatment. Indeed, this may include sauna, sunbathing, sun beds or steam bathing.

•      Don’t exfoliate the skin near your brows a few days before or after the brows treatment.

•      If you’ve undergone any form of skin thinning medication such as Roacutaine and the likes, you should not go for waxing until a period of 6 months and you MUST INFORM the salon if this is the case.

•      Before your first treatment with us, we recommend you go through a patch test. The test involves placing a drop of tint at the back of your ear and only takes a few minutes. The reason for this is to establish whether you are allergic to the tint.


Final Words


Achieving perfect HD brows in Newcastle depends more on the skills of the therapist than on the tools being used, which explains the importance of doing your research to leave your eyebrows in the hands of an experienced expert.


After undergoing the treatment, it’s recommended you go back every 4 to 6 weeks to keep those brows looking manicured and defined. Great, if you haven't done so already, visit Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic today for your perfect HD brows. We have just changed the name of our brows from HD Brows to Precision Brows, followed with a price reduction from £35 to £30. Excellent deal! Right? Of course, this is one more reason to get your eyebrows done at Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic. Call us now to book your appointment.