The Secrets of the Celebrity Selfie

Over the last couple of years, here at Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic, we’ve seen the number of ‘no make-up’ selfies in our newsfeeds continuously grow and we bet you have too!

In principle, we applaud it. There’s a certain (very modern) empowerment to be had in the nonchalance of posting a picture of yourself fresh-faced and embracing your inner beauty. But, we’re beginning to think that it might not be a level playing field. With Gigi, Serena and Kylie all posting #nomakeup selfies which are absolutely flawless, something wasn’t adding up. How are their eyelashes long and lustrous, when without mascara, ours are short and stubbly? How on earth are their lips so soft and plump? Well ladies, whilst DNA certainly plays a role, it seems that the celebs have got a few tricks up their sleeves!

Luckily for you, Newcastle Hair & Beauty have been on a mission to put together a list of the treatments these sneaky celebrities have been using to enhance their natural beauty. Even more conveniently, we offer all four of these amazing services, so when you’re ready to wake up looking like the next Hadid sister, you know where to find us!

Step One- Lash Extensions

If there is one beauty treatment that adds an instant oomph to your look, it’s semi-permanent lash extensions. Quick, easy and completely painless, they’re all about enhancing your naturally beautiful eyes, to make them pop and help you look like a doll-eyed beauty. Plus, waking up looking like Bambi will also help you save on mascara.

Step Two- Lip Fillers

In a world where Kylie Jenner’s lips blossomed into rose-buds seemingly overnight. Most of us are not naïve to the fact that a lot of the best pouts have been cosmetically enhanced. But, maybe what you didn’t know, was how wonderfully easy this procedure is when done properly. Our wonderful Sally Jones is a registered practitioner with years of experience, meaning that you can pop in to have lips done, in excellent expert hands, without having to head to a scary cosmetic surgeons!

Step Three- HD Brows

Since Cara bought back brows in 2010, we’re the first to admit that we looked at our over-plucked eyebrows with despair. Although eyebrow pencils and pallets provide an excellent option for those seeking to fill-out their brows with make-up. When these brows need to be washed off at the end of the day, it’s difficult not to miss the way stronger brows frame your face. We still want to keep our brows, without the hassle of putting on a full face. Luckily getting HD brows you can have luxurious brows 24/7. Whether you like them arched, feathery or straight and bold- this is the procedure that provides miracles.

Step Four- The St Tropez Tan

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that everybody looks better with a tan and celebrities simply wouldn’t be seen dead without a summer glow (even in the depths of winter). Whilst their jet set lifestyle may be the cause for their bronzed skin all year round, that doesn’t mean that we can’t sneak on in the winter tan action. For those with a smaller budget than monthly holidays to the Caribbean will permit, St Tropez spray tans are the perfect way to give you a bronzed yet natural look, right from the heart of Newcastle.

So there you have it, our four top services for helping you feel celebrity glamourous 24/7. Whether you pick the whole set or just pick out your favourite, we promise you’ll be posting that ‘fresh-faced’ selfie in no time!