Will Getting Lash Extensions Ruin My Natural Eyelashes?

Over the last couple of years, eyelash extensions have become one of the most popular beauty treatments. It’s not hard to see why, long fluttery eyelashes have long been one of the most desired features and they make us all feel instantaneously prettier!

After all they’re the perfect frame to extenuate the natural beauty of our eyes! We’ve all been slaves to the mascara tube in order to achieve eyes that would rival bambi, but lash-extensions offer an even more impressive look! Far less time consuming than applying strip lashes every day and indeed far more natural in their look, it’s easy to see how their popularity has grown.

However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t come with their downside. We’ve had numerous clients come into Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic, whose natural eyelashes have suffered at the hands of a botch job! Stubbly eyelashes and in the worst case bald eyes are very hard to fix, which is why we’ve put together a guide in order to keep you clued up on how to prevent a lash-disaster.

Never Scrimp on Price

Lash-extensions are a very delicate and time consuming process- so they should cost a little bit of money! With price comes expertise and trustworthy practice. That Facebook deal for lashes at £30 might look tempting, but steer well clear!

Go with a Trusted Brand and Professional

Similar to price, getting lashes right is all about quality! We use Nouveau lashes, one of the first and most trusted lash-extension brands. Not only do they offer an amazingly long bonding glue (up to two-months), we know that the quality of the lashes are fabulous and natural! Similarly at Newcastle Hair & Beauty all of the ladies who lash, have had expert training, so know exactly how to treat your peepers with care!

Listen to the Advice of your Beautician

One of the leading causes of lash snap-age, is when a lash which is too heavy for a natural lash to hold, is usedmistakenly. Whether it’s too heavy due to length or curl, when it falls out it may end up taking part of your lash with it! The best way to combat this is to listen to our expert beautician’s advice, she’ll be able to tell you exactly which curl and length lash your hair type will be able to support. Similarly if you get addicted (like we do) she’ll be able to tell you when your lashes need a break for a couple of weeks before your new set.

Lash Care

Generally speaking, lash-extensions are far more low maintenance than make-up, but there are a couple of things you need to bear in mind to keep your lashes healthy! Combthem each morning and make sure you don’t get them wet in the first 24 hours! When you are removing your eye make-up use gentle make up remover. Oil based products are an absolute no go!